Cutting edge industrial &
environmental services

Hydroexcavation services

Spend less time finding and making less waste with our state-of-the-art line finding and hydroexcavation services. Our expert team uses proprietary processes and the latest technology in the industry to get your lines trenched safely and precisely.

Industrial Cleaning

A clean site is a safe site. We utilize advanced technology and equipment, patented and proprietary tools, and expert crews to offer the best industrial site cleaning available. Whether you need tanks, vessels, or sites cleaned, repaired, coated, and 653 inspected, we’re the right company for the job. We’ll get it done better and safer with less downtime to your operation.


We offer trucking and equipment services to a variety of industries with the safest and most reliable trucks on the road. Our entire fleet is brand new and well maintained to provide our customers with the absolute best equipment on the market. From roll offs to vacuum trucks and winch trucks, we have what you need.

Demo, Abandonment, & Abatement

Our demo team brings the know-how to get any demo job done safely and on time to any industry. We offer full facility demo and site cleaning, site remediation, wellhead abandonment, asbestos & lead abatement, and more!

Mechanical Services

The Warrior mechanical services division renders over 100 years of combined mechanical experience with the new state-of-the-art technology and equipment. Our team is highly trained, experienced and sought after for their skill and efficiency. Learn more about all of our mechanical services and contact us today!

Gas Mitigation

Warrior’s cutting-edge technologies are disrupting the industry norm with our patented tools and processes. Our mitigation services are proven, effective, and constantly evolving and growing to offer nothing short of the best in the industry.

Superior Indusrial &
Environmental Services
You Can Depend On

Commitment to superior service is the pulse through the veins of Warrior Technologies. We are passionate and relentless about offering the absolute best in our work every single day. From our crew members to office staff and executive team, we have the hearts of warriors and fight to provide an elite experience that is unmatched in industrial and environmental services.

Cutting Edge Technology

Many say they use the best technology, but not all go above and beyond simply investing in the best equipment on the market. Our team of engineers, chemists, mechanics, and hands are always cogitating and creating tools and processes that can help us become safer, more effective, and efficient.


From the very beginning of Warrior Technologies, we’ve kept safety a priority. Our track record demonstrates it. Through extensive training and supervised experience, our people know the value of best practices. We’re dedicated to keeping our people and your people safe on the job. As a result of our relentless safety commitment, we have been honored to uphold a world-class safety zero TRIR.


In our environment, it’s normal to have high staff turnover and decreased productivity. Our culture fosters a true Warrior mentality. We recruit and hire nothing short of the best and reward our staff for upkeeping our high standards in safety and service quality.